The business application for company sellers to work in the fields. The main task in to facilitate the choice for a future buyer in a vast assortment and give the opportunity to study all the small detais that are so important in the field of roller shutter systems and gates.


3 people





  • Android;
  • Camera/Audio;
  • LAMP.
Customer information:

The project customer is Alutech, the German-Belarusian Company.

Being a production and sales holding, Alutech consits of more than 30 companies from different countries, and holds the leading position on the roller shutter systems and sectional doors market in Western and Eastern Europe. The Company is the leading manufacturer of aluminium profile systems in the CIS territory. Thousands of employees work in this holding. It is worth pointing out that this project is not the first being made together with us. This is not that easy to find a new customer in the first place, but saving credibility of someone who has already come to you is even more difficult.

Main objectives:

• Create a user-friendly company's production catalog for sorting by different criteria;

• Develop an easy search algorithm for necessary products in the catalog;

• Systematize the company products list;

• Provide the potential customers with the possibility not only to view the catalog of images, but also to estimate  the products used after watching video.


Wimix LLC Team developed a mobile application in a catalog format. Our Team offered to add a video illustration with product usage examples, as well as detailed technical documentation on the product of interest and possibility of document adjustment by the customers themselves in case of revealed inaccuracy.

Final product and result:

Our company has developed a useful and informative application with purpose to simplify the choise for customers among a huge range of products, as well as to increase the client company profit.

Using the application, the potential customer can carefully study the product of interest and look at it in use. As a live demonstration of products is not always possible, it is important to have a demonstration video. 


• The application is a whole system of catalogs that helps to organize a huge and diverse range of products;

• The customer can add videos showing how users operate the products themselves;

• Users can review the technical documentation for the selected product;

• The application allows users to add comments to documents, edit them, correct some mistakes, etc.;

• Daily news updates.

How does the application work?

The user installs the application in the Google Play store on his device (smartphone or pad). In fact, this application displays the entire catalogue of available Alutech products, but has the extended functionality. The potential customer can easily understand the nuances of the products offered due to detailed technical documentation available, easy search throughout the whole range of products, and the ability to watch demonstration videos.

The application is very simple and easy to use, the interface is intuitive and ergonomic. Interactivity and customer engagement is one of the project benefits beyond any doubt.


The main problems arose due to the large amount of information to be provided in the future catalog.

Synchronizing the application with the news server has also caused minor problems. But there is nothing impossible for our team of professionals.