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01Mobile Applications

Wimix offers development services for different kinds of mobile applications:

  • Fintech apps (Forex, trading, blockchain)
  • Business applications
  • mHealh apps

The full-service set of the mobile applications creating includes:

  • Business analysis
  • Applications Design and Development
  • Porting to different handsets
  • QA
  • Documentation


Android, iOS

Data Base:



Java, Android, iOS

02Dedicated Development Teams

We organize teams of different levels of complexity. The have experience of creating a development center for Motorola, LifeWatch and other large companies since 2007.

Suitable for this type of service if you:

  • need a new team of developers
  • not enough resources
  • a technical laboratory is needed

From our side:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Office in the city center of Minsk
  3. Agreement on non-disclosure
  4. Transparent cost structure

We will help to create a team that will save your resources and get ahead of competitors.

03Web-solutions development

We've managed to build a team and gained experience in development of web-based applications for enterprises due to participation in the development of integrated systems that include mobile technologies.

If you need to develop an enterprise web-application or leverage your mobile solution by the web tier - start working with our Company.


Java, Python, Angular


Dmitry Kirilenko

Head of C&M Services, Velcom

The Wimix LLC was selected by us as an outsourcing partner as a company has serious experience in the development of mobile applications for the Android platform.

We are satisfied with the results achieved in our cooperation.

Based on our joint experience with Wimix, we recommend this company as a reliable and experienced partner.

George A. Popescu

CEO, Boston Technologies Inc

Wimix has worked for us for nearly 2 years and while working with outsourced development can be a challenge, Wimix has worked the hardest we have ever seen to make outsourcing work.

They do care a lot about providing the best possible service and are always receptive to ways to improve.

They have hired and adapted to our needs.

I strongly recommend working with Wimix.

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