Unique animations instead of calls

The service is designed to create the mood during a call on your phone. In ViewCallz gallery you can find unique media calls, from celebrities, famous brand, designer, directors, animators or you can make own video.


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  • Kotlin
  • OkHttp
  • rxJava
  • Moxy
  • Dagge
  • Room
  • Google OAuth
  • Google Play Billing
  • Java ( spring)
  • hibernate 
  • postgres
Customer information:

The client of this application is our compatriot from Belarus. The customer had a project for his own pleasure, related to promotion of works of young authors creating music, videoclips and animation. Over time, this project began to grow and a boost was required. In fact the application was supposed to do it - become some sort of plunger.

Main objectives:

1. Playing author's music and videos, instead of standard melodies from the phone manufacturer;

2. Technical development of business concepts: monetization, feature list, potential for different markets;


1. The main idea of the application is to play the animation with the sound directly on the phone home screen during incoming/outgoing calls. During our work we faced a number of difficulties, namely:

  • before the video set to contact was played, the initial call of the device was heard for one second - the video from the application did not react to the turned off sound;

  • when the sound is turned on, the video is played without sound during incoming calls;

  •  incomplete video playback, music without video, etc.;

  • globally nothing changed, when fixing the problem on one device The bug fixing resulted in a new bug or the return of an old bug on other devises.

As we decided - we could record video and sound track separetely, but this would lead to mistiming between the video and its sound. So we changed the approach to solving the problem. If earlier we tried to change the sound settings by changing the volume of different sound streams, now we have decided to change the device ringtone.

2. Due to our previous experience of social projects development, we understand that without different opinions it will be difficult to move forward here. Having studied the market trends and available products, we assembled a mini-social group and conducted an experiment. We were pleasantly surprised by the result. We got interesting questions - will the user be able to find out where the works of a similar author are? How will I contact the author of the animation? Will the user can get a loved-up tune after changing the device? 

Answers to these and other questions led us to the importance of distinguishing between categories of content, adding icons of the most popular social networks, as well as the possibility to share through messengers liked videos.  

We also proposed and implemented an authorization system and electronic payment system. We carried out synchronization with the website, where the authors download music and video content themselves, developed the system of author's video material selection for correct display on different gadgets. During the work on a draft decision, we proposed and implemented such new criterion as multiple language support. 

Implemented functionality - sorting, searching, library creation, electronic payments

Final product and result:

The WIMIX LLC work resulted in a multi-language ViewCallZ application that allows unique animations to be used instead of calls. So, this application allows you to:

- Select files for incoming calls;

- Select different files for different contacts;

- Create your own visuals with your own media;

- Share created material with friends;

- Create your own collection of media calls;

How does it work?

After application download, you are subject to standard authorization, indicating that you allow the program to access your data on your phone. Next, there is appear a screen with an intuitive menu. After that, you can browse the ViewCallZ Gallery and select a media file to use. The choice can be made both by simple scrolling and using search by categories - new, popular, celebrity, brands, animation, cinema, mr. freeman. And there is also a NEW section - the first 100 (maximum amount) videos with the latest date of publication. And of course the Popular category - the program makes rotation in accordance with the number of views.

The gallery is constantly updated - popular stars, best artists, talented directors and unique animators provide ViewCallZ with the best media. After a media file is selected, you can download it to your online library directly through the application. Then you can select which contacts to apply the media file to in the gallery. 

Challenges and features:

Back in 2015, Google introduced a new feature in Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) devices called the "Default Phone Application" so users can decide which call application to use if they want to replace applications downloaded on their default devices. Accordingly, Google has added a new set of classes to the API within the android.telecom package so developers can implement their own app to replace a mobile device such as TelecomManager, InCallService, Call, etc. That is why Android was the original platform for development. And so the app can work on smartphones where Android 6.0 devices are installed.

Another feature was the limitation of animation playback time. The iOS system did not allow to use default setting. Initially, the length of the videos was planned to be 30 seconds, but in the United States the allowed length is only 20. Apple does not allow any outsiders to interfere in settings. iPhone perceives the videos as a virus, issues warning messages and bans videos - this was another difficulty during work with the iOS platform.